How do we onboard clients?

Our goal is to help your business utilize technology to bring it to the next stage of competitive web presence. Without you, that isn’t possible. Without your story and an audience to it to, that isn’t possible. Converting users hinges upon using market research to understand your target audience. We analyze your competitors and business model to find missing efficiencies and use A/B testing to optimize. Our goal is to help you understand where we can increase revenue through our all-in-one package.

Who are our clients?

Well, you! Are you ready to grow your business? Does your brand have a story to tell? Do you want to understand your market and increase revenue? Then you’re a potential client.

We work with companies who want to disrupt their markets and gain a competitive edge.

What do clients need to know?

We offer solutions that produce, but we do so much more. Our opportunity is to give your brand a chance to tell its story.

Konvertica is a group of conversion professionals who want to help you deliver your message. In the delivery, we increase your revenue through SEO, content marketing (both written and video production), app development, data and AI technology.